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So excited that the amazing people at Mind Body Green published this recipe on their site! Head on over to get your green juice on!

I wouldn’t be a healthy food blog without a green juice recipe, am I right?

So here is my long awaited contribution to the health and juice community: my favorite Zingy Green Juice filled with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and plant goodness. Here’s an ever better bonus – you don’t even need a juicer to make it!

Why drink green juice now? With the Holiday season on its way, indulgence seems to be on everyone’s dinner and dessert menu. If your digestion needs a break from all the cookies, cakes, and heavy dinners in the upcoming weeks, make this green juice for a zingy pick-me-up. It’s packed with all the good stuff: kale for, like, a billion vitamins and minerals, lemons for an alkalizing zing, ginger for a digestive-happy kick, and apples for a hint of sweetness and extra vitamin goodness too.

So what’s the big deal with drinking your vegetables again? Juicing, specifically green juice has been touted as a health miracle shown to prevent disease, acne, stomach issues, and more. Be wary of all the health claims, but do know that juice does deliver a hefty amount of vitamins and minerals in one glass, all of which may help protect you from cancer and other inflammatory diseases. Juicing advocates claim that juice, stripped of all its fiber, allows your body to readily absorb more nutrients. Fiber, however, is incredibly important to your digestive system so don’t go all crazy on me and start a liquid cleanse – unless you’re advised by a professional.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite green juice recipe, I’m totally going to go to hot yoga, the farmer’s market, and swing by my favorite farm-to-table restaurant.

But really, I am. Happy Juicing!

Head to Mind Body Green to find the recipe!

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