Hi there!

I’m Kate and I am a nutritionist with a master’s degree in nutrition, peanut butter addict, writer, photographer, and promoter of living your healthiest, happiest, most wholesome, and balanced life. Which includes avocados, dark chocolate, wine, and plenty of tacos, of course.

I started vegukate (VK) in order to share my immense passion of nourishing the body with foods that make you sparkle, shine, and feel invincible. What I never imagined is how this little blog would grow and how much I’d begin to love sharing recipes and nutrition wisdom with all of you!

I hope you’re inspired to try out new recipes, cook for your friends and family, and make more whole-food based choices after reading a few recipes and blog posts. More than anything, I hope I can inspire you to lead a healthier, more whole, happier, and more delicious lifestyle.

Happy vegukating!

Vegukate Is About:

Celebrating + cooking + baking + eating whole, unprocessed, healthy, and nourishing foods filled with all the good stuff. This blog is also about listening to your body, educating yourself on nutrition, and learning what foods and recipes work for your body.

Vegukate is NOT about:

Calorie counting, being diet dogmatic, enforcing diet culture, and being restrictive. You can find blogs like that elsewhere - just not on VK!

Nutrition Background:

I’m a Master’s of Nutrition graduate from the National University of Natural Medicine. With my degree and an emphasis on letting food be thy medicine, I believe that eating whole foods is better for the mind, body, gut, spirit, and every single cell in the body.

Culinary Background:

Zero. I’ve learned everything I know about food and cooking from traveling the world, my mom, my grandmothers, a few Italian nonnas, the farmer’s market, and reading cover-to-cover of every cookbook I can get my hands on.


Farmer’s markets, traveling, Instagram, overnight oatmeal, you-pick farms, Michael Pollan, forests, curling up in a comfy chair and reading, the ocean, kindhearted people, bookstores, my family, the entire country of Italy, my 94 year old grandfather who’s taught me half of everything I know, Madewell, collecting travel guides, indoor plants, roasted sweet potatoes, Le Creuset cookware, and dogs!

10 foods always in my kitchen:

Avocados, organic & local eggs, almond butter, some sort of leafy green, rolled oats, sweet potatoes, copious amounts of garlic, quinoa, berries (fresh or frozen), and homemade non-dairy milks!

Want to work with Vegukate?

Collaborating makes my heart skip a beetroot! If you’re a company or product that vegukate readers would L O V E, then let’s chat! I am available to work on recipe development, sponsored posting, product reviews, giveaways, freelance, partnership opportunities, and more!

Drop me a line at vegukate AT gmail.com so we can chat - or just click on the little envelope icon on my sidebar!