Autumn Harvest Bowl

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I am so excited to have the wonderful people at Mind Body Green publish this recipe on their site! Head over there to find the goodness.

This is like my Goodness Bowl – but in a seasonal version. As in, autumn …as in, I’m embracing fall and fall foods full force, despite still having days with temperatures well over 80 degrees. Ho hum. Although there may not be autumn out my door, or in my wardrobe, as last there can be autumn in my bowl.

And, autumn in my mouth.

Yum! Thankfully, seasonal produce can still be found at my local market; all is not lost. I’ve been finding bins of squash of every color and variety, the prettiest and most unusual pumpkins, loads of kale (halleluiah!), and pomegranates, my favorite autumn fruit. Even though they’re popping up at the market, I’ve been harvesting the big juicy red orbs in my neighborhood for about a month now. I strategically walk the dogs, with a large bag, through a desert wash in my neighborhood to where a glorious tree has been producing juicy pomegranates for weeks. As I see it, the tree belongs to no one, so I’d rather eat all the fruits rather than let them go to waste. See, I’m being extraordinarily farm-to-table here.

In this recipe, we’re taking the best seasonal produce and letting them shine in a bowl of harvested goodness. I absolutely adore having this salad as a filling dinner or hearty lunch on a busy day; you can even warm it up if your nights are a bit chilly.* Not to mention, this salad will dose you up on all sorts of nutritious goodness. Kale packs in calcium, protein, Vitamin K, and iron, while squash provides a hefty amount of Vitamin A for radiant skin and nails. Juicy pomegranate seeds offer tons of antioxidants and brussels amp up the vitamin and mineral content some more. The dressing is nutty and sweet and ties all the fall flavors together; it’s a favorite of mine. This is just the recipe you need when days are getting cooler and the cold/flu season is on the rise. Eat your Harvest Bowl and glow inside and out!

P.S. Extra bonus points if you actually harvest something and put it into your Harvest Bowl. Show me your harvested goodness on Instagram by tagging me @vegukate !

Head over to Mind Body Green to check out the recipe!

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