Green & Glowing Papaya Mango Smoothie

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I crave green things.

Seriously, crave.

And, no, I’m not kidding.

I used to crave Pringles, pieces of pizza and Girl Scout Cookies, but now I only want sweet potatoes, lentils, avocados, black bean tacos, and ripe mango. I used to turn to greasy Chinese food cartons to make me happy, but now I get way more excited by filling up my basket with tomatoes and local goodies at the farmer’s market. Since changing my lifestyle for the past few years, I no longer want to eat junk food…like ever. I know that must sound crazy to some, (maybe all) but that’s just the way my body has shifted since eating a whole foods diet. Less crap, more goodness.

Anyways, that’s why this smoothie is green. It has kale! Kale is like the best friend who will never let you down and gives you heaps of protein, calcium, vitamins, and essential minerals. Kale will fill you up, slim you down, and make your skin glow. Convinced enough? Moving on.

This smoothie also has tropical goodies like Vitamin C rich mango and papaya for beautiful skin and tons of antioxidants, coconut water for natural electrolytes, lime juice for detoxifying goodness, cucumber for more antioxidants and hydrating nourishment, and avocado for a boost of healthy fats.

It’s time to start craving all things green. Make this and get glowing!

Green & Glowing Papaya & Mango Smoothie

Serves 2

1 cup papaya, frozen
1 cup mango, frozen
1 avocado
Juice of 1 lime
2 cups coconut water
½ cucumber
2 big handfuls of baby kale

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Enjoy!

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