Savory Breakfast Bowl with Magic Green Sauce

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If savory breakfast bowl recipes aren’t on your radar yet, then take note. Everything from last night’s dinner leftovers of roasted vegetables, grains like quinoa or amaranth, and greens such as arugula, spinach, or kale can be thrown into an easy savory breakfast bowl of morning goodness.

If this doesn’t sound quite breakfast-like yet, then #putaneggonit.

Scoop on some magic green sauce filled with tahini and fresh herbs to your breakfast bowl, and you’ll be ready to seize the day.

Savory breakfasts are totally normal (and totally delicious) staples across the world. The standard American breakfast, however, is sugar-filled and often sets you up for a day of munching, binging, and eating all the snacks. Overly-sweetened cereals, yogurts, waffles, pancakes, and pastries do not make a breakfast of champions.

What does compose a quality and healthy breakfast is actually eating real food. Whole food sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats keep you satisfied and mentally sharp until your afternoon meal. This means no more post-muffin brain fog and nap.

Here’s where the savory breakfast bowl comes into play. Add in your macros and garnish with something zesty and fresh, such as this magical green sauce. Your morning bowl options are endless. This green sauce and egg breakfast bowl is my latest go-to.

I’ve published this recipe over on Organic Authority – head to their website for the full recipe!

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