The Most Perfect Grilled Pizza

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Pizza; everyone has their favorite. Don’t you think?

Pizza is almost like an identity shaper; it could be an anthropological study. Someone’s pizza preferences could say a lot about their personal taste, food preferences, family upbringing, love life…

Well maybe not that extreme! But it’s true; Pizza is everywhere and such a huge part of the American diet. I can understand why: its convenient, it gets delivered right to your door, and it can be stored in the freezer and heated up at a moments notice. Not to mention, pizza is just delicious.

So you might be thinking…how can someone so health conscious be obsessed with pizza? To me, it’s a comfort food, laced in wonderful memories. Growing up and having family pizza night on Friday, eating the freshest and most delectable pizza in Italy, and having late night study sessions in college with a box to share. But of course, all good things in moderation. I do not suggest eating copious amounts of pizza all the time. Every now and then, pizza is an incredibly acceptable treat. Simple, homemade pizza on its own really has all the makings to be a healthy food. The problem arises with far too many pizza toppings, extra additives, and fattening ingredients that create an unhealthy dish.

When you make your own pizza from scratch, you know its packed with the good stuff. When you buy it from the freezer section at your grocery store, that’s not quite the case. In my opinion; start from scratch, choose simple and fresh toppings, and enjoy in moderation. That’s right, you can have your pizza and eat it to.

So why grill pizza? Why not! Using a grill is basically like using a very hot pizza oven, just like the Italians I adore. Heating a grill up to 600° F outside is way better than heating up your oven inside. And it gives the crust the perfect amount of crunch and softness, all while gently melting your toppings and creating a mouthwatering aroma. Your neighbors are going to be very jealous.


2 cups bread flour
1 ½ cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp honey
2 tsp kosher salt
2 T olive oil, plus 2 T
1 packet of instant dry yeast
1 ½ cup water, heated to 110° F

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mixing with your hands, begin to shape dough into a ball. If the dough is too dry, add more water, 1 tablespoon at a time. If your dough is too sticky, add another tablespoon of whole wheat flour. Once dough resembles a ball, place on a floured solid surface and gently knead for about 7 minutes or until dough forms a solid, smooth ball.

Grease large bowl with the remaining 2 T of olive oil. Add the dough, cover with plastic wrap, and a tea towel. Place in a warm area to allow the dough to double in size, about 1 hour. Again, knead the dough on a floured surface, and place back in bowl to continue to rise.

I usually make my dough in the late morning or early afternoon, and let it raise the remainder of the day. Of course, If you are pressed for time, let the dough rise an hour, knead it, and let it rise again, in about 30 minutes. If you have time to spare, allow your dough to rise for a few hours, punching it down every now and then. This will allow for a super light, and fluffy crust for your pizza.

Once dough has risen, divide into two balls. Roll and stretch out the two balls on a lightly floured surface to form perfectly imperfect pizza crusts…making sure they will fit on your grill. I made mine about 12 inches in diameter.


Freshly homemade dough
Homemade red sauce recipe (or a jar of pizza sauce…without funky additives please!)
Toppings: mozzarella cheese (or go vegan and opt out of cheese), tomatoes, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, pineapple, organic chicken sausage, eggplant, zucchini, onions, garlic, arugula…etc. Your options are endless!

First prep your grill. Spray with a non-stick cooking spray, preferably olive oil. Turn both burners on high and allow grill to heat up to around 600° F.

Once grill is SUPER hot, place dough on a pizza peel or rimless baking sheet and slide onto grill. Close lid and cook for 3 minutes, until dough begins to brown and firm up.

After 3 minutes, turn off one side of your grill’s heat, flip your pizza over, and slide over to the non-heated side of the grill. Immediately begin adding sauce, cheese, and other toppings.

Turn back on non-heated side of grill, and turn both burners to medium-low heat. Using a spatula or tongs, rotate pizza to center of grill, close lid and grill for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, rotate pizza on grill and close lid again. Grill for another 2-3 minutes, until cheese has completely melted and underside of crust is nicely charred and crisp, not burnt.

Remove from grill, and slice up your delicious pizza. Enjoy!

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