Cucumber, Heirloom Tomato, and Shaved Beetroot Salad

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Let’s call this the “everything I bought at the farmer’s market and decided to chop up” salad.

I have those moments. Sometimes I venture to a farmer’s market with absolutely no plan in mind as to what I’ll be buying and what I want to cook. Usually I have some inkling to my culinary desires, but this was not one of those trips. At the previous Sunday market, I was drawn to pretty looking things, (as usual) delicious smells, sights, sounds, and free samples. (as usual) Summertime heirloom tomatoes always win me over, and cucumbers the size of my arms caught my eye this time. I also picked up some sprouts and organic peaches, because it’s summer. Obviously.

Anyways, this salad has your two token summer specialties; delicious heirloom tomatoes and crisp cucumbers, plus sweet golden beets, red onion, and bunches of fresh basil and mint. It doesn’t have any lettuce greens, but feel free to throw some in if you can’t call a dish a salad without some greenery in it.

It’s bursting with plant powers, antioxidants, protein, fiber, vitamins, and nutrients too. Plus, it’s crisp, cool, tangy, sweet, and the perfect addition to your summer picnic. The next time you go to a farmer’s market with no set plan, follow your gut and go towards the free samples. And heirloom tomatoes. And cucumbers.


Cucumber, heirloom tomato, and shaved beetroot salad.

4 cups sliced cucumbers, or about 2 large cucumbers or 4 small cucumbers.
2 cups sliced heirloom tomatoes
1 small beetroot, shaved or sliced very thinly
¼ cup red onion, diced
¾ cup packed fresh basil, roughly torn and chopped
½ cup packed fresh mint, roughly torn and chopped
1 T red wine vinegar
2 T olive oil
Freshly ground pepper and sea salt

In a large bowl add sliced cucumber, sliced tomatoes, shaved beetroot, red onion, and herbs. Drizzle with the olive oil and red wine vinegar, and finish off with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. Gently mix together and enjoy!

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