10 Things to Know Today: July 11, 2016

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Hello everyone and happy, very belated, start to summer! The past few weeks and months have been a whirlwind of exams, class, graduation, friends, family, adventures, and more – so it’s finally time to get back into blogging and vegukating you all about my favorite things: nutrition and how to live (+ eat for) a happy healthy life.

So, now that I’m a graduate (you can call me a Master of Nutrition) from the National University of Natural Medicine, I am an actual real-deal-kale-loving Nutritionist. Besides putting a lot more effort into job hunting, I’ll also be getting back into the swing of blogging by creating more recipes and writing (hopefully) a weekly post on what you should know in the health/nutrition/wellness/food world. Hopefully these little blurbs will be a helpful way for you to kick start your week with a dose of nutrition knowledge!

10 Things You Should Know Today:

1. I slightly freaked out when one of my favorite health websites, Mind Body Green, asked me to write an article on what I typically eat in a day. Read the article here to learn all about how Salt & Straw ice cream is a totally normal pre-dinner snack. It’s all about balance, friends.

2. The amount of food marketing exposed to children is shocking. According to a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, children are exposed to about five food commercials per hour while watching television – the overwhelming majority of which are unhealthy foods. On the flip side, however, when healthy foods are marketed to kids, it nearly triples the likelihood of a child choosing to eat vegetables at lunch according to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics on Tuesday.

3. A new study published in Microbiome has found that those with chronic fatigue syndrome have a different makeup, and less diversity, of gut bacteria compared to those of healthy individuals – further signifying the incredibly important link between gut health and brain health.

4. From pea milk to pea protein powder, everything you every wanted to know about the vegan protein alternative: peas!

5. A new study from Harvard found that those who consumed a diet heavy in unsaturated fats (think: avocados, eggs, olive oils, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish) tend to live longer. Just another reason to add avocado to…everything.

6. Thumb-sucking and nail-biting may have its advantages. A study published in Pediatrics found that children who are thumb-suckers and nail-biters develop less allergies later in life. The researchers note their findings to be “consistent with the hygiene theory that early exposure to dirt or germs reduces the risk of developing allergies.”

7. To peel or not to peel your fruits and vegetables + why you might want to eat your kiwi fruit like a peach.

8. Why the Standard American Diet breakfast is basically like eating dessert. From granola bars and muffins, to pancakes and coffee drinks: breakfast is just one big sugar bomb.

9. Yoga for your face is a thing. Should you give it a try?

10. Ice cream lovers, take note: a Museum of Ice Cream is opening in New York City for one month this summer. The exhibition promises a “swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae.” I think I’d go just for the sprinkle pool!

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